Sauna / Steaming

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The Sauna & Spa provides a wide range of sauna and steaming facilities at the individual area for female and male respectively. Together with the hot and cold water pool, customers are allowed to relax themselves and enjoy the most joyful massage with us.

Nail skin care

The Sauna & Spa offers a wide range of specialized nail skin care services, perfectly combining inner and outer beauty for customers.


Amazing pedicure would definitely make female more attractive. Our nail skincare professional provides a full range of pedicure services while offering different kinds of nail colour for customers to pick. All nail products are branded and qualified.


Manicure has been a popular step for each woman nowadays. Our nail skincare professional offers the best manicure services for clients, including re-shaping nails, removing dead cells and various other nail treatments. We offer different kinds of nail colour for customers to pick and all nail products are branded and qualified.

Ear cleaning

Our specialists provide ear cleaning service via stimulating and cleaning the ear. We guarantee all relevant tools are 100% sterilized.

Hair cut

Our centre has invited professional hair stylist to provide hair cut and hair caring services. Customers may prepare themselves with the best hair style even after the massage.


The Sauna & Spa provides various kinds of facial treatment, from deep cleansing to moisture surge, etc. Our skincare professional would consult the customers and to understand their skin before choosing the best treatment. All skincare products are manufactured by its origin companies to ensure clients the best value of nail treatment.