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Enjoying timeless therapies with excellent facilities

The group has invested hugely in installing all 5-star sauna and massage facilities to offer customers an inspiring journey. We recommend our clients to arrive earlier to enjoy our facilities, including the large-scaled hot and cold water pool, sauna rooms, steaming rooms and gym etc. These can enhance the effectiveness of treatment while increasing blood circulation and relaxing bodies.

Large-scaled hot / cold water pool

Take a deep breath and step into our hot and cold water pool brings an amazing delight for relaxing, especially in the largest hot water pool in Hong Kong in our individual area for male. Make regular use on this facility may ease tension and smooth the mind. The temperature of cold water pool is maintained at 6°c and it is highly effective in softening skin. All massage pools are cleaned and sterilized everyday to ensure its hygiene.

Sauna rooms

The Sauna & Spa excel itself in Hong Kong by offering some of the best sauna facilities. Varies sauna rooms are available with our individual area for female and male, which are the best for relaxing before the massage treatments. There are cold pools inside the sauna rooms, offering good points for customers to go showering to improve their skin after having sauna.

Steaming rooms

The Sauna & Spa provides numerous steaming rooms for customers to gain a more refreshing experience before embracing relaxation with our massage treatment. Utilizing the cold showering facilities in the steaming rooms afterwards would further enhance skin. Steaming rooms are also available with the independent VIP massage room to ensure our VIPs a more private steaming experience.


Our customers may enjoy various free food, and drinks in our restaurant on top of the treatments and massage services. We aim to provide this timely services for those who wish to enjoy the privilege of life enhancement at our centre.

Individual VIP rooms

Individual VIP rooms are specially designed for VIPs to prepare themselves before enjoying massage and to chat with their friends. This luxury space allows 3 to 5 people to gather with internet services and big television for relaxation, advancing our customers to step on a luxurious journey with The Sauna & Spa.

Individual areas for male and female

We offer the same facilities with our individual areas for male and female and we crown our counterparts in terms of the size and facilities, which include hot and cold water pool, sauna rooms, steaming rooms and VIP rooms. Luxury seats and small TVs are also available with us.

VIP massage rooms

Our VIP massage rooms create the calmest environment via unique design, decorations and lighting, for customers to enjoy the excellence of sensory experience within our centre. Customers may get away from their hectic schedule and fully enjoy our professional massage and sauna services in our rooms.

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