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Chinese Massage

Perfectly combining various Chinese traditional caring skills, our Chinese-style massage can stimulate acupressure points and aid in tension release, while simultaneously balance yin and yang energies. Our treatments specially suits the frequent travelers, executives and those with pain in muscles. Clients may choose the duration of treatment and specific parts of body for massage on their own preference.


Uniqueness is the foundation of our spa experience. Our therapists design various customized spa according to seasons, environment and specific needs of our customers. The spa treatments last for 120 minutes and a free facial treatment is included. We are passionate to offering an inspiring and luxurious sensory experience while bringing balance and equilibrium for each individual. is included.

Lymphatic massage

Traditional lymphatic massage is highly effective in relaxing, softening muscles and leaving equilibrium in mind and body. Our professional therapists are skillful in stimulating acupressure points and helping our clients maintaining an overall balancing effect on the body.

Foot Massage

Traditional reflexology involves gentle stimulation of acupressure points in the feet and hence brings a direct connection to the various organs and glands in the body, leaving an overall balancing effect on the body. The Sauna & Spa provides exclusive sauna and foot massage programs for clients to choose from.

Hand Massage

People living in city would have to use computers and touch screen equipments everyday. Despite convenience, pain comes along with their hands, arms and shoulders. Our therapists would use hot towels to accommodate their treatments on shoulders and arms. Along with stimulation in acupressure points, we leave our customers feeling refreshed and revived after treatment.

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